Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The Indians have managed to get swept in both of their west coast series right now.  It was awesome staying up to all hours in the morning only to watch the Tribe get stomped over and over.  Thankfully I made it, but I know a bunch of people had this experience...

Indians baseball is not fun to watch right now.  They can't hit, they can't pitch and they can't play defense...

Carlos Santana didn't start hitting until I posted this to Twitter

Carlos Carrasco has not been very good this year.

Fielding doesn't seem to matter to the Indians right now.

Even Good Guy David Murphy is being driven to drink...


Expect heavy draft coverage to act as diversion this week.

I guess I could be back in the 80's again...

Indians are not good right now.

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Monday, April 28, 2014


Good Guy David Murphy got a present for the Indians

The Indians have been a frustrating lot early this season.  It seems like they always give up runs right after scoring them, if we get a really good start we don't seem to score any runs.  When we win we win ugly, and when we lose we lose in the worst ways.  But we are their fans and we need rallying cries, to hope that the ship gets righted like it did last season.

Since Twitter has become the quintessential place to discuss anything with other fans, my main contribution for the Indians has been introducing the wonders of David Murphy.  When looking up information about Murphy I discovered that he was religious and refrains from swearing, and if overall seen as a good guy.  And sure enough I found a Texas Rangers fan blog devoted to Murphy called Good Guy David Murphy.

The tag #GoodGuyDavidMurphy moved on to Cleveland and since the beginning of the season I have posted various takes on the good things that Murphy has done.


I'm not the only one who has used it, I have started finding others posting their own #GoodGuyDavidMurphy memes onto Twitter.  And the official Indians twitter referred to Murphy with the #GoodGuyDavidMurphy tag.  I hope someday those Rangers fans see what they have started for us.

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It hasn't even been a year and I decided that it is time for this whole "Browns Memes Guy" thing to grow a little.  I started the original Cleveland Browns Memes on a whim, but I will admit it was almost entirely inspired by Brandon Weeden.

So I would like to start the rebranded with the story of it's inception.

Last year I was able to make it to the opening day of Browns training camp, normally I try to make the trip once a year.  Since the Browns were promoting all of the improvements to the training camp experience I wanted to see the improvements for myself.

I had a great time there.  I saw Pumpkinhead and Clay Matthews...

Ironically enough I watched Brian Hoyer most of all...

Then came the end, and I walked around and saw Brandon Weeden doing a post game interview.  I waited patiently hoping that I could get his signature on the hat that I had brought.  Weeden emerged and signed something from the guy next to me, then walked over to me.  Declined a hand shake, and explained to me that he had to go do media.  That exchange took about 20 seconds of Weeden's precious time.  Time that I though probably could have been spent shaking my hand and signing my hat. 

Considering Weeden wasn't exactly a guy that I was high on coming in, and looked every bit the part I expected him to his rookie year I wasn't thrilled with my opportunity to meet the "young" man.  Now I understand media commitments, but little did Weeden know he had planted something in my own head.  

The season before I had kicked around the idea of doing a YouTube channel called "The Salty Dawg" in which I would just complain about everything the Browns did, and keep an accompanying blog to complain more.  The more I thought about it, I didn't know what I would do if they would actually make move to that made me happy.  So I scrapped the idea. 

But then it hit me, memes.  The stupid jokes from the internet.  They can be positive or negative and they can be about anything.  I simply borrowed the joke structure of actual memes, and applied them to photos relating to the Browns.  And while what I do aren't technically memes, I thought Browns Memes Guy was a short snappy internet moniker.  And away I went, my motivation being that the next time a guy like Weeden said he had to media, I could counter with a bold, "I AM THE MEDIA"

And after a little bit of work was born.  I had a loyal following of about a dozen people a day, who enjoyed little treats like these...

and dumb ones like these...

So thank you Brandon Weeden for bringing "The Salty Dawg" back in me.  It's been a whole season now and as of the launch of this new site I have almost 800 Twitter followers, and I grow each and every day.  And now I don't have to limit myself to the Browns as well, don't worry Indians I will be around this summer too.

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