Monday, April 28, 2014


It hasn't even been a year and I decided that it is time for this whole "Browns Memes Guy" thing to grow a little.  I started the original Cleveland Browns Memes on a whim, but I will admit it was almost entirely inspired by Brandon Weeden.

So I would like to start the rebranded with the story of it's inception.

Last year I was able to make it to the opening day of Browns training camp, normally I try to make the trip once a year.  Since the Browns were promoting all of the improvements to the training camp experience I wanted to see the improvements for myself.

I had a great time there.  I saw Pumpkinhead and Clay Matthews...

Ironically enough I watched Brian Hoyer most of all...

Then came the end, and I walked around and saw Brandon Weeden doing a post game interview.  I waited patiently hoping that I could get his signature on the hat that I had brought.  Weeden emerged and signed something from the guy next to me, then walked over to me.  Declined a hand shake, and explained to me that he had to go do media.  That exchange took about 20 seconds of Weeden's precious time.  Time that I though probably could have been spent shaking my hand and signing my hat. 

Considering Weeden wasn't exactly a guy that I was high on coming in, and looked every bit the part I expected him to his rookie year I wasn't thrilled with my opportunity to meet the "young" man.  Now I understand media commitments, but little did Weeden know he had planted something in my own head.  

The season before I had kicked around the idea of doing a YouTube channel called "The Salty Dawg" in which I would just complain about everything the Browns did, and keep an accompanying blog to complain more.  The more I thought about it, I didn't know what I would do if they would actually make move to that made me happy.  So I scrapped the idea. 

But then it hit me, memes.  The stupid jokes from the internet.  They can be positive or negative and they can be about anything.  I simply borrowed the joke structure of actual memes, and applied them to photos relating to the Browns.  And while what I do aren't technically memes, I thought Browns Memes Guy was a short snappy internet moniker.  And away I went, my motivation being that the next time a guy like Weeden said he had to media, I could counter with a bold, "I AM THE MEDIA"

And after a little bit of work was born.  I had a loyal following of about a dozen people a day, who enjoyed little treats like these...

and dumb ones like these...

So thank you Brandon Weeden for bringing "The Salty Dawg" back in me.  It's been a whole season now and as of the launch of this new site I have almost 800 Twitter followers, and I grow each and every day.  And now I don't have to limit myself to the Browns as well, don't worry Indians I will be around this summer too.

You can join me too:  follow me at @BrownsMemes

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