Monday, June 2, 2014


Josh Gordon memes at Cleveland Sports Memes.

I've already gone off on Josh Gordon.  It is mean spirited, angry and has a link right on the sidebar.  But if you don't want to read the rants of an angry person, it was the moment that I gave up on having Gordon as an option for the Cleveland Browns.

People agreed with my anger, but remained hopeful he would keep his nose clean and get back on the field.  Until last weekend.  He was caught speeding, and guess what, there were drugs found in his vehicle.  Probably not the greatest look for a guy who is currently appealing a potential year long suspension from the league.  Truthfully, I thought Gordon had the traffic cop thing figured out after last year...

Josh Gordon Memes at Cleveland Sports Memes

Since then I've noticed a few more of you have jumped off of the Josh Gordon bandwagon.  And I have said if he does somehow get back on the field for us, I didn't really like Kellen Winslow Jr. that much either.

So maybe the Browns will be able to get through to this kid somehow...

And if he never gets back on a football field, at least he is keeping the distractions away from Johnny Manziel.  Way to find a way contribute Gordon!

At least I can say I've been calling this all along... This is from way back when we signed the Free Agents.

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