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Nick Swisher Cleveland Indians Memes

Very early on when I started posting my jokes on Cleveland Sports I was asked about what I was going to do when one of our teams was successful.  It made sense, because at the time I had Brandon Weeden and Greg Little to provide me with all of the jokes I could handle.  So yes most were negative, and I assured him that in due time I felt that the negative jokes would be aimed at the other team.

But as baseball season rolled around I realized that there was an issue with the 2014 Cleveland Indians, they are too likeable.  I love these guys.  There is Kluber and his serious face, Good Guy David Murphy, Tony Plush, Old Man Atchison, Yanimal, Carlos Santana, Lonnie Baseball, and Swisher himself.  What would I do if they didn't finish the business this year?  I can be more lenient to a baseball team.  Each game isn't as important as a football game.  It is much easier to give up on a football team's season 4 weeks in than it is a baseball team 4 weeks in.  But if it got bad, how rotten could I get?

Cleveland Indians Memes Corey Kluber

Cleveland Indians Memes Good Guy David Murphy

Cleveland Indians Memes Tony Plush

Cleveland Indians Memes Scott Atchison

Cleveland Indians Memes Yan Gomes

Cleveland Indians Memes Carlos Santana

Cleveland Indians Memes Lonnie Baseball

I hate ragging on pro athletes.  I am not a pro caliber athlete in any sport, so when I pick on a guy it doesn't mean that I am saying that I could do any better.  But it is important to remember that us fans make professional sports possible.  We have to pay for tickets to see them perform, we buy overpriced food, drinks, and merchandise to keep the train rolling.  It is an entertainment industry that feeds on passion for winning and disappointment in losing.  So in my eyes that if I am going to praise our players for doing well, not commenting on failures would render that meaningless.  Being a fan means being there for the good and bad times. 

My first post of this blog explained why I was so hard on Brandon Weeden.  The Browns were easy to rag on, they won 4 games and looked horrible.  And I guess I haven't been totally nice to the Indians.  I got Carlos Santana this season...

I let Asdrubal Cabrera represent the horrible defense the Indians have played... 

But then there is Nick Swisher.  I love Swisher.  He gets the whole entertainment aspect of the game.  His attitude towards the fans is awesome.  He says the right things, his energy is infectious.  And as of the time I write this he has the 2nd worst batting average among league qualifiers.  He's not hitting for power, driving in runs, or contributing very much at all.  

The Bro-hio army is dwindling fast.  He's putting up numbers like he's a shortstop from the 80's.  He is perhaps the most obvious guy to be blowing up at on a team that can't stay about .500.  He has spend a fair majority of the season below the "Mendoza Line" 

In my eyes he is still below it... 

But all that isn't even ragging on him, those are just facts.  You can find facts on most other people's blogs. You come to me for my jokes, and I can't pull the trigger on the guy.  I'm getting soft I tell you.

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