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The only thing I know for sure about the 2014 Cleveland Browns is that I know less about the team now than I did before the season began.  Never in all of my days of watching this team play have I seen more bizarrely unpredictable play.

But one thing I know for sure is that they are better than the old Browns teams.  But reading many people's narratives of this team you would never believe it.  To see the amount of people complaining about the QB situation and digging for negatives is crazy to me.  To have five wins at the halfway point of the year is an incredible feeling.  So lets go down memory lane, as I stack up games 1-8 head to head against last year's team and lets see if anyone would want to live through last season again instead.

Game One:

2014  Browns 27 - Steelers 30 - The season couldn't have started worse, the team bumbled to a 27-3 halftime deficit.  However the Browns came out in the second half like an entirely different team scoring 24 unanswered points to tie the game late in the 4th quarter.  However the team ran out of gas at the very end of the game giving up a game winning FG in the last seconds.

2013  Dolphins 23 - Browns 10 - The Browns finally mustered some offense just before half to take a 7-6 halftime lead.  That was their highlight as the Browns fell apart and Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins cruised through the 2nd half outscoring the Browns 17-3 from that point on.

Advantage: 2014   

Game Two:

2014  Saints 24 - Browns 26 - In a game where most experts gave the Browns no chance to even be competitive in their home opener the Browns outplayed the Saints through most of the 1st half.  However the Browns missed some opportunities and gave up some late points and still led the game 16-10 at the half.  However this week the Saints managed the comeback and took a late lead in the game.  Then the unthinkable happened.  Brian Hoyer led a clutch drive setting up a Billy Cundiff game winning FG.

2013  Browns 6 - Ravens 14 - Once again the Browns wasted a good defensive effort, only managing 6 points at halftime. The Ravens quickly erased the deficit and added one more TD for good measure.  Brandon Weeden was injured in the 4th quarter and Jason Campbell didn't have a chance either.

Advantage: 2014

Game Three:

2014  Ravens 23 - Browns 21 - The Browns managed to hang tough with the Ravens, and heading into the 4th quarter held a fragile 21-17 lead.  Brian Hoyer hit Taylor Gabriel on 70 yard pass that looked like it was going to setup some insurance.  The Browns didn't do another thing right that game.  The entire offense and defense fell apart and the same old Browns reared it's ugly head.

2013  Browns 31 - Vikings 27 - After a shocking week Trent Richardson was traded and Brian Hoyer was named starting QB.  The next shocker was the fact we had offense for the first time in 2013.  In the first exciting game of 2013 the Browns hung tough, but found themselves down by 4 in the 4th quarter.  Then the unthinkable happened.  Brian Hoyer led a clutch drive finding Jordan Cameron for a game winning touchdown.

Advantage: 2013 

Game Four:

2014  Browns 29 - Titans 28 -  The Browns had another first half meltdown in this game, building a 25 point deficit in the 2nd quarter.  However the Browns scored 28 unanswered points to end the game completing the largest road comeback victory in NFL history.

2013 Bengals 6 - Browns 17 - In one of the most drama free games in a while the Browns managed to hold an early lead for the entire game.  The Browns put this game on ice in the 4th quarter with Hoyer's 2nd TD pass of the game.  The Bengals offense didn't have an answer.

Advantage: 2014

Game Five:

2014  Steelers 10 - Browns 31 - In the biggest win over the Steelers in decades, the Browns beat the Steelers from pillar to post.  The only negative in the entire game was the fact that Alex Mack would be lost for the season.

2013  Bills 24 - Browns 37 - Brian Hoyer's season ended during the Browns 2nd offensive series.  This opened the door for Brandon Weeden to reclaim his job at QB.  Weeden wasn't terrific, but Travis Benjamin was.  His punt returns set up several key touchdowns taking the Browns winning streak to three games... but now we have to go forward with Weeden.

Advantage: 2014

Game Six:

2014  Browns 6 - Jaguars 24 - In one of the biggest momentum killing losses in recent memory, the Browns didn't show up in any aspect of the game.  Jacksonville literally had a blowout handed to them in this game.

2013  Lions 31 - Browns 17 - In one of the biggest momentum killing losses in recent memory, the Browns took a 17-7 lead into halftime.  After the half the Browns self destructed as the Lions put up 24 unanswered points.  The game will probably be best remembered for Brandon Weeden's flipper pass interception in the 4th quarter to seal the game for the Lions.

Advantage: None, both of these games can burn in hell

Game Seven:

2014  Raiders 13 - Browns 23 - This certainly wasn't the prettiest game in the world.  But the Browns took advantage of the Raider's mistakes and handily won this game.

2013  Browns 13 - Packers 31 - The Browns traveled to Lambeau Field, and did exactly what everyone expected them to do... get blown out.  Weeden was horrible, and lost his job again after this game.

Advantage: 2014

Game Eight:

2014  Buccaneers 17 - Browns 22 - The Browns running game continued to struggle since the loss of Alex Mack, but the passing game picked them up.  Hoyer threw for over 300 yards for the first time this season, and the Browns hung tough and picked up a hard fought fifth win of the season.

2013  Browns 17 - Chiefs 23 - Jason Campbell became the 20th starting QB for the Browns since 1999 at Kansas City.  And after not being able to complete the comeback after a 20-3 Chiefs lead, became the 20th QB to take a loss.    

Advantage: 2014

So tell me again why people are so upset.  I have the 2014 season up 6-1-1 versus the 2013 team.  And the only time I picked that team was Hoyer's debut.  Let's not forget those 5 wins we have at the halfway point is more than the 2013 team mustered all season long.  They won their next game and never won again.

So calm down people, the most alarming things about this year's team is the offensive and defensive lines.  We have some work to do.  But sit back and enjoy it for a change.

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