Wednesday, November 26, 2014


When I started posting Cleveland Sports jokes a year and a half ago I had no idea what I was doing.  I posted almost exclusively to my blog, and used Twitter as a secondary promotion tool.  Over time the roles reversed.  My Twitter account became much more popular than I could have ever imagined, with this blog becoming secondary.

This is fine with me because I don't aspire to be a traditional sports writer.  It was never a goal of mine to be a news breaker, I just like posting my jokes.  However in the past couple weeks I have tried several times to update this blog, and my irritation with some of the narratives in Cleveland sports shone through in my writing.  I will never post those articles because they are out of character for me.  Its not my job to tell people how to feel, and its not my business to try to make people see things my way.

I'm not ready to abandon my blog quite yet, so I've come up with an idea.  I would like to create a type of forum here.  So I'm inviting everyone to send me questions.  Then periodically I will choose several to answer here on my blog.

Obviously I would prefer sports questions, but feel free to send me anything you might have.  Who knows you might inspire my next meme.  Either way if I choose your question you will get a mention on both my blog and Twitter, and probably a dumb answer to boot.  Who could ask for more?

So if you want to contribute please send your questions to @BrownsMemes on Twitter and tag them with #AskBrownsMemes

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