Tuesday, December 16, 2014


All year long I've been told that Johnny Manziel is the greatest QB ever to walk the earth.  Not by all of you, but by many of you.  For a minute I would challenge people with a. "what if?" but nobody wanted to hear that.  So I gave up and hoped for a redshirt year.  Then Brian Hoyer fell apart, and I knew I better stockpile some positive Johnny jokes now, because there was a chance I would never get to use them again.  Then Johnny's debut came and it all went to hell so quickly I didn't even get to post all of the jokes I had made.

While I certainly had my concerns about Johnny Manziel coming into this game, he did a hell of a job of making those concerns a screaming reality last Sunday.  The Flail Mary I spoke of pre-draft is almost a gift wrapped interception in this league, that was proven to no longer be a guess... it's a fact.  There was very little positives to be pulled from that game.  I didn't see many of the qualities that were promised to me when I expressed my doubts. I've been told to have patience it's only been one game, but...

So yes now there is fear on my part that come next week an old friend might just be auditioning for our GM...

Yeah didn't think about that did ya?

So I need something to distract myself from the thought that the odds of Johnny Manziel playing so poorly the QB situation will be addressed this offseason, possibly by a guy like Derek Anderson who might just whoop our asses next Sunday, has raised higher than a zero percent.

So I went on search for a worst starting debut than Johnny had on Sunday, out of the 20 men who preceded him.  And believe it or not I actually found 5 of them.  So here is one of the saddest countdowns you will ever see.  The 5 worst Cleveland Browns QB debuts since 1999.

#5 Brandon Weeden vs Eagles 2012

#4 Doug Pederson vs Steelers 2000

#3 Ty Detmer vs Steelers 1999

#2 Bruce Gradkowski vs Steelers 2008

#1 Spergon Wynn vs Jaguars 2000

So there do you feel better... I don't.

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