Thursday, July 24, 2014


Roger Goodell memes at Cleveland Sports Memes

I'm pissed off, this is supposed to be an exciting time of year for me.  Preparing for the upcoming football season has always been a highlight of my year. But today the NFL set an ugly and confusing precedent.  Ray Rice received a two game suspension.  Two games for literally beating the snot out of a woman, on camera and dragging her out of an elevator. 

Goodell who has publicly said he wanted to clean domestic violence out of the league was lobbed a softball to do just that.  Instead he loudly proclaimed that he doesn't really care.  To me this an even more cowardly decision based on the fact that brand new NBA commissioner Adam Silver used every ounce of his power to punish an owner, who didn't even break any laws all in the name of cleaning up his game.  You would think a veteran commissioner would have more balls than that.    

Perhaps it was the disgusting victim blaming that was perpetrated by Ravens.  Did this make you feel better about what happened?

Well it must have worked on Goodell.  Way to stick by your guns brother, because this is a great reason I could see for women to shun the league.  To me this is an insult to the same women the NFL has desperately tried to market to for the past decade or so.

But maybe that wasn't the reason that Goodell decided not to come down hard on Ray.  Perhaps it was the fact that Ray Rice himself seemed to have learned a lot from the incident. 

Do I need to mention how stupid Ray Rice must be?  I'm not buying Ray's inspirational attempts to move on. Other class acts have been equally as inspirational...

I will never understand what in the blue hell Roger Goodell was thinking here.  This is a very bad look for him and his precious shield.  But in the end I guess I should at least be relieved that Ray Rice received some punishment from the league... 

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