Friday, July 18, 2014


Derek Jeter Memes at Cleveland Sports Memes

Once upon a time the All-Star Game was called the "Midsummer Classic."  It was supposed to be a showcase of the best players of each league facing off in an exhibition game, so the fans could see their favorite players all in one place for one night only.  The process isn't perfect.  Allowing the fans to vote for the starters have created some curious choices over the years.  But it also ensured that players that fans want to see play there get to see action, regardless of how much or little they actually deserve the honor.

This year I thought things got a bit out of hand.  Derek Jeter's season long farewell tour made its final stop at the All-Star Game on Tuesday.  The fans certainly did their part in getting them there, because his 2 HRs and 25 RBIs certainly weren't among the leaders at his position.  While I'm not trying to diminish what Jeter accomplished in his career, he certainly wasn't the ideal candidate in 2014.

Just because he wasn't totally deserving of an All Star role this year isn't my issue, that certainly isn't unprecedented.  What bugged me was how this game was turned into some bizarre Derek Jeter drool fest.  While I don't mind admitting that Jeter had a good career, blatant player worship isn't something I am prepared to give a guy who never did a lick of good for any of my teams.

People were telling me that I "have to like Jeter," no offense but no I don't.  Some people told me that I must respect him because he is a Yankee.  Saying that I don't like the Yankees may be the understatement of the year.  I can't stand the team, its fans, the way they rob the small market teams of their talent.  Just because suddenly I live in the bandwagon capital of the world doesn't mean I am going to start liking the Yankees because they are perpetually stocked with stars.

I've been told I have to like him because he "did things the right way."  That being a reference to the fact to played for one team his entire career.  That again I can't get behind because you will never be able to convince me that if Jeter came up through the Indians organization that he wouldn't have left for New York the first chance he got.  So you can also shove that theory as well.

Finally I was told that I had to like him because he was a great player.  And finally thank you again for attempting to impose your Yankee bandwagon spirit on me.  Sorry I require the players I like to have done something positive for one of my teams.  Rooting for Jeter in my eyes would be the same as rooting for the Steelers in the Super Bowl, it wont happen.

I had one All Star at Minnesota, and his name is Michael Brantley.  And to be honest the part about this All Star Game that made me the maddest wasn't the demand for Jeter respect, but the lack of respect for the other players in the game.  As much as the MLB pisses and moans about attendance and lack of interest in the game these days, they seriously dropped the ball.

The Jeter hype certainly overshadowed this game.  The All Star Game is typically used to be a platform for showcasing the league's top talent.  And instead of hyping up the league's future, they simply celebrated a closing chapter from the league's past.  If we were going to pine on the past where were the tributes to guys like Tony Gwynn, Don Zimmer, and Jim Fregosi who we lost in the past year?

So I am very disappointed in the MLB for completely ignoring the players that are carrying the league forward into the future.  Derek Jeter's legend will live on well past his playing days, so I really didn't need him crammed down my throat at the All-Star Game.

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