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Johnny Manziel Memes NFL Cleveland Browns ESPN

Yes sir, the world's most talked about football player is going to a Cleveland Brown.  The national media has zero respect for the Cleveland Browns.  So something has to give.  Will Johnny help transcend this organization into a recognized powerhouse with primetime games, and bandwagon fans?  Or will the media try to dump on the Johnny parade because he is in Cleveland?  And if that is the case, is it even possible for them to kill the monster that they have created?

One thing is for sure, the Browns certainly want Johnny to be a media darling.  I will never convince me in a million years that Johnny Manziel was not brought into this organization because they know if he is good, he is gold.  This fanbase's reaction to Johnny Manziel has been priceless.  So many people have been wanting this for over a year.  The prospect of Tom Savage has done a heck of a job turning former Houston Texan fans into Cleveland Browns fans already.

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I think the Browns are wise to the fact that the media is an entity that loves to report on things that aren't necessarily positive.  They would rather incite riots, than make people feel good.  So what have they done so far?

Well Jimmy Haslam harshly proclaimed that Johnny was no more than a backup at a luncheon he spoke at.  Our PR director has proclaimed that the team does not want the media hype to rival Tim Tebow's. The team has uninvited media members to attend the rookie mini camp.

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And how has the media reacted?  With violent blasts of negativity of course.  Jimmy has been ranked lumped in with the worst owners in the NFL.  ESPN power ranked the Browns dead last in the NFL.  The media and their precious Twitter has lashed out against our team, and any fan who will try to defend it.  But at the heart of it all, Johnny is still Johnny.  They are getting their fix of negativity from other sources, so they can continue to Johnny worship happily.  And the less he's getting bashed in the media, the less distractions that will be in his way as he becomes a pro QB.

So I applaud Jimmy Haslam in this scenario.  I can see what you are doing.  You know that nobody is taking time to write anything nice about you anyways, so why not use it to your advantage?  Looking back in hindsight and seeing that Joe Banner was a temporary NFL plant here anyway, we may have actually gotten a competent guy to own this organization.  I love the way we have went forward.  Ray Farmer is owning his moves, Alex Scheiner is out of the news and minding to his business, and the fans are energized!

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