Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Johnny Football went to Vegas and everybody went crazy memes

Normally I don't consider myself a very good member of the sports media.  In fact in some ways I am even a fraud.  What I do isn't even really "memes" they are just captioned pictures.  However after the last five days of my life I have reconsidered my position.

What happened?  Well that is where my rant begins.  Johnny Manziel went to Las Vegas, during the holiday weekend... in the offseason... in May.  He stood by a pool with bikini girls, he went to a UFC event, and he came home and went back to practice.

Look at all the trouble being caused here
That is it.  That's all he did.  Not exactly riveting stuff.  Yet someway somehow the local, national and anyone with a voice seemed oddly compelled to talk about it... for days.  Some of the stuff was absolutely ridiculous.  Many trying to put some crazy negative spin on it.  For many of these people that consider themselves professionals should be embarrassed.  I'm not going to call any one single person out, because there are so many guilty parties it literally makes me sick.

First off, this is the guy we drafted, so this is not a surprise...

Should Johnny have been about Texas A&M football right here?

Perhaps some of us should have worried more about what this guy was doing this weekend.

So I finally promote myself I am now a full fledged member of the media.  I realized I don't need a press pass to be any more legit than most of our big time media.

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