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Cleveland Indians Memes Scott Atchison #OldManAtchison

When I write these blog posts, I guess I post these somewhat anonymously.  It's not because I intend on being some nasty hate spitting fiend of the internet.  I have nothing to hide.  My name is Josh, I live in Canton. I work a normal job.  I have a wife and a kid.  But why would I try to bore people with my day to day issues?  On here I am Cleveland Sports Memes guy, and to me that is a fun way to interact, and with any luck entertain people.  

But the real reason for my disclosure on myself, is to say that I am 34 years old.  I've finally reached that age where I understand why all of the heroes of youth faded away.  I remember as a teenager saying, "He's really retiring at 32?"  But now I understand.  Seeing Trevor Bauer makes me feel like an old man.  I'm always excited about the draft, until I actually see it, kid after kid paraded in front of my eyes.

So on occasion I still look for those last few guys to inspire me.  One came to Cleveland in the form of 38 year old, Scott Atchison.  Now I know what you all are going to say, "What about Jason Giambi?" He's an inspiration too, but frankly he's a monster.  I don't want him taking one of my jokes the wrong way.  And when the season is over I was honestly hoping we might look at him for other things, if he's not ready to hang it up.

Jason Giambi Memes

The other day twitter user @burkepatrick sent me a simple message about doing a #GoodGuyDavidMurphy type meme about Atchison.  I immediately thought of #OldManAtchison, because he is an integral part of our bullpen.  And he's really done quite well.  To be honest I'm really proud of that guy just to have the balls at 38, with a head full of gray hair to walk into a MLB ballpark and face the top baseball players in the world.  I have all the respect in the world for him for that.

But since I am certainly not your run of the mill "Sports Blogger," I play by my own rules sometimes.  And the greatest honor I can give to someone is promoting them to a full meme status, something that I can make multiple jokes for.  The rules for the #OldManAtchison tag is very simple.  Have him do "Old Man" things.

So here are some of the "Old Man" things I have Scott doing...

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