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Before I start, I will say I am scared.  Before I even comment on the on field things, a brand like Johnny Manziel is unprecedented in the NFL.  The closest thing I've ever seen to the Manziel brand is Tim Tebow, but this is different because Johnny Manziel actually can throw a football.  He's like an Anti-Tebow in a way.  Immediately following the draft Johnny was the first, third, sixth, eighth, and tenth thing Sportscenter talked about.  This is uncharted territory for the Browns.

Jimmy Haslam announces Johhny Manziel Football Memes

We've never had "The Guy" before, and Johnny's hype is unlike any of "The Guys" before him.  You do realize that when the jersey sales numbers come out we are guaranteed to have the #1 jersey.  The Browns will be trending, rappers will be wearing our jersey, we might get the close calls, flex games are ours.  Life is now different. 

I've already heard arguements that this is like the Brady Quinn situation all over again.  But this isn't like the Brady Quinn situation.  With Quinn we were the only fanbase that REALLY wanted him.  A lot of fanbases REALLY wanted Johnny Football.  There are kids throwing away their team's gear for passing on him right now.  From a popularity and public relations viewpoint Johnny Manziel is the real deal.  Guess what, he's the it Nike's guy, guess who is going to be on the "Witness" billboard now? 

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The flashiest player to enter the NFL in history is coming to the team team with one of the least flashy histories.  It is a bizarre pairing.  I noticed ESPN's first night having to repeatedly say the name "Cleveland Browns" seemed unnatural and at times even unpleasant for the network.  I truly believe that this will be one of my favorite parts of the whole Johnny experience.  But what now, can you really bench him at this point?  Is there time to develop him, or is the star too bright for him to wait?

Johnny Manziel gets drafted by the Cleveland Browns

I will be the first to admit, there was a point in time where I didn't want Johnny at all.  I watched a ton of his film and will admit I liked what I saw, but had a ton of concerns.  It wasn't until I saw this play that I was swayed to be okay with his coming to Cleveland... 

But just what kind of player did we draft.  Johnny's highlight reel at Texas A&M looked like a collection of wildly exciting backyard football plays.  Manziel's ability to scramble and throw from odd angles are unlike anything I've seen before.  His elusiveness, toughness, and hustle cannot be questioned.  So what is the problem you might ask? 

Here are my notes from my Johnny Manziel film study:
  • He is a big part of the Texas A&M run game, this opens the passing lanes for him later in games.
  • Mike Evans is really really good. 
  • Always in shotgun, will need to learn fundamental footwork at next level before anything else. 
  • Great athlete and uses every bit of it to his advantage. 
  • Doesn't stick around in pocket long, not sure he knows what a progression is.
  • Makes questionable decisions with the football, doesn't seem to pay for it. 
  • Jake Matthews is really really good
  • There are times I wonder how he gets so much on a ball he throws so awkwardly. 
  • This is Alabama's defense?
  • I can't believe what I just saw! 
And in the end my film study was as polarizing as the character himself.  He will get a chance from me like any other Browns quarterback would.  But I'm not calling him "Johnny Cleveland" until he leads us back to the playoffs.

Welcome to Cleveland Johnny Manziel, hopefully you and I can become friends.  I don't need another Weeden here.  In the meantime I get to be excited for our secondary!!! 

Johnny Manziel Justin Gilbert Browns Cleveland Memes Sports

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